This Simple Quiz Reveals Whether You Are A Dog Or Cat Person

Many people can categorize themselves as either a cat person or a dog person. Of course, there are those who love both animals equally, and there are those who don’t profess any love for either animal at all. And some, of course, might prefer rabbits, or another animal. However, if you are a self-professed cat person, you might be wrong! Similarly, if you are a dog person, there is a chance you might actually get along with cats more than you realize.

The animal quiz below will reveal which one you truly are: a cat person or a dog person.

You might think that you’re a cat person, but perhaps you have a special, hidden affinity for dogs? Or maybe you’re about equal, but lean more towards being a cat person rather than a dog person.

But what does being a cat person or a dog person say about your personality? Some would say, a lot! For example, those who prefer dogs might be more extroverted. And cat people might be intellectually curious. Either way, the pet you choose can say a lot about who you are. And according to Psychology Today, people often choose pets that reflect their own personalities.

And so, one could argue, there might be a part of your personality that would match that of a cat or dog, even if one of those isn’t your first choice. When you’re done with the quiz, be sure to share it with your friends so they, too, can learn the truth once and for all!



Take the quiz now to find out which one you truly are: a cat person or a dog person!


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