This Simple Image Quiz Reveals What Do You Value Most In Life

Most people are familiar with one of Sigmund Freud’s popular concept of the tripartite, or three parts, of the human personality. You’ve heard them referenced before–the id, the ego, and the superego. Each part has its own unique traits, but they all operate together to contribute to a person’s behavior.

But what if one of them is more dominant for your personality than the other two?

The quiz below promises to reveal which of Freud’s three personality parts best represents the forefront of your personality.

Maybe you are all about the id.  This means you’re more on the impulsive side, and often don’t care what others think about your choices. You throw caution to the wind, though you have a hard time doing the right thing, even if it isn’t what you want.

Or maybe the ego is the strongest part of who you are, meaning you maintain a healthy balance of responsibilities and impulsive behavior.

The ego, according to Freud, is “that part of the id which has been modified by the direct influence of the external world.”   Reason and morality exist within the ego, but it still allows the id to have some fun now and then!

And then there’s the superego. If this is you, you tend to operate solely on rules, that of society and that of your parents. This part is broken down into two parts: the conscious and the ideal-self. The conscious handles guilt-trips, while the ideal-self handles goals and aspirations.

But which part of the personality best represents you? Take the quiz to reveal the answer!

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