The Uncomfortable Truth You Need To Hear Right Now, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Our sun signs can and do tell us a lot about who we are and where we are in our life paths. While there is a lot that we do not know there is also a lot we can learn.

Below I am going to go over the uncomfortable truths each zodiac sign needs to hear right now and where they should go in the coming weeks. While some of these things might be a bit hard to hear they are important. In understanding these things we can all grow from within.


You need to stop spending all of your time working. Sometimes you need to calm down and really get back to the things that matter. If you don’t stop ignoring the people who matter nothing is going to ever work out for you. Stop blaming other people for your problems, you need to pay more attention to the things at hand.


You really need to get your head out of your ass. Life is not as complicated as you make it out to be and you don’t have to always get your way. Be more open to compromise and learn to be more caring. Just because you don’t want to listen doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t.


You really need to stop being such an asshole. Hiding your emotions is not doing you any good. Be there for yourself for once and really put your wellbeing on a higher stool. You need to find someone you can trust and talk your problems though, there is too much going on internally.


You need to learn how to stick up for yourself. You have been letting people shit all over you for far too long. Toughen up and find your strength. You are not the weak victim you make yourself out to be. If you don’t like something change it.


Life isn’t always going to go as planned. You need to learn that your shit stinks just as bad as the rest of the worlds does. You can do great things if you overcome your ego. The path you are going down is going to end badly if you don’t figure out how to find some kind of common ground.


You need to learn that not everything has to be as perfect as you want it to be. Life does not have to fit into the box you want it to fit into. Quit setting yourself up for disappointment. You are only causing more problems for yourself.


Stop being so offputting. Conflict is not that hard to handle you just need to learn how to do it. Stop being so picky and closed off. If something is bothering you speak up if you never say anything the problems is not going to be resolved.


You are going to face a lot of hard times in life and if you don’t learn to love yourself you will only continue to struggle. You need to stop trying to rush things and spend some time on self-care. Everything else can wait, just sit back and relax for a minute. Stop forgetting to breathe.


You are such a jerk and you pretend that you don’t see it but you do. The way you treat people is disgusting and it needs to change. You need to recognize that the things you do make a difference in the lives of the people around you.


You need to overcome your fears, because you let fear hold you back too much. Remind yourself why you want to overcome these things and where you are going to be in the end. There are great things to come you shouldn’t let fear get in the way.


You are a bit too intense and for some people, this is not easy to deal with. Tone yourself down a bit and let people get to know you without all the extra. Don’t get me wrong you shouldn’t change who you are but you should let people see you in a different light.


Stop letting people take advantage of you and stop lashing out. You keep acting as if it is okay to hurt people who have hurt you but it isn’t. Getting even isn’t doing you any good. This is only bringing you down further.

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