According to a new theory, people with Rh-Negative blood don’t come from earth

A well-known American researcher of paranormal phenomena, Brad Steiger noted an interesting feature: people who have a negative Rh-Negative blood are not quite ordinary. The fact is that, according to the laws of genetics, we can inherit only those properties that our ancestors possessed, if, of course, we are not talking about a mutation.

This means that if a man and a monkey have descended from one ancestor, then their blood should be compatible. However, all primates have Rh-Positive blood. It was also noted that the highest percentage of carriers of Rh-Negative blood, about 30%, is among Spanish Basques.

Their origin, by the way, is still a mystery. Also, Israeli Jews of Eastern origin, Samaritans and Ethiopian black Jews are among these thirty percent. The number of such people barely reaches 1% among other nations. Most mediums, healers, people with unusual mental abilities also have Rh-Negative blood.

As we know, there are only 4 blood groups. All of them differ in composition, or more precisely in the presence of various proteins in blood cells that fight bacteria in the body. Most people have these proteins, and they are Rh-Positive.

Why do some people have no such proteins? This is a mystery! Scientists believe that the first people on the Earth with a negative Rh factor appeared 35,000 years ago. How? No one knows. The most popular theory is precisely the extraterrestrial origin of the DNA of these people.

Here are some common characteristics for people with Rh-Negative blood:

– They have a higher IQ than Rh-Positive people;

– Usually they have a lower body temperature than the rest;

– Mentally and emotionally, these people are much more stable;

– They often have red hair;

– They are very sensitive to heat and do not like the cold.

– Most often they have blue, green or light brown eyes.

It is known that it is impossible to clone people with Rh-Negative blood. Moreover, if a pregnant mother has Rh-Negative blood, the immune system of her body will attack the fetus, perceiving it as a foreign body. That’s why such women are asked to take special medicines during pregnancy, which suppress immunity.

Why does their own body attack their own children? Why does it perceive them as strangers? This puzzle does not have a clear answer, but it definitely works in favor of the theory of the alien origin of such people.

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