8 Signs That Tell That You’re Not Taking Care Enough For Yourself, This Is How To Improve That

We all strive to be healthy, but sometimes what is healthy isn’t apparent or we trick ourselves into thinking we are doing well.

Here is a checklist of what a modern healthy mind, spirit and body are.

Embrace Self-Acceptance

Life flourishes with love, and love is bred in the presence of understanding and compassion. You need to

Live With Compassion

Compassion is a hard thing to consistently keep present in our day to day living.

Without it’s presence, jealousy, contempt, cruelty and violence start to fill the void. Compassion is the fertile medium from which grows all positive and productive formations.

Listen To Your Needs

Your body, mind and spirit has avenues to tell us when we need something. You don’t ignore your stomach when it growls, so why ignore your spirit when it aches? Why not pay attention to mind when it continues to conjure images of a better way of life?

Heed Your Beliefs

Your belief structure was chosen or built by you to aid and support you. Don’t shun it simply because it is inconvenient or difficult

Create And Follow Your Intentions

Through intentions we guide our energies and shape the world around us. With intentions we can influence future events without fear of backlash. Intentions help us acknowledge the world around us and keep us in the present moment.

Creating And Leaning On Expectations

Expectations will always backfire. Even if you are right in what you expect to happen, this coincidental occurrence won’t always be in your favor. By expecting something you give that possibility energy. Don’t close off the possibilities available to you.

Actively Trying To Fulfill Dreams And Goals

Our dreams inspire us to change and better ourselves and the world around us. Don’t ever let go of them!

Actively Practicing Awareness

Through awareness we can grasp our faults and better our lives. It is when we choose to be ignorant of what we fear and dislike, we give it the freedom to grow and influence us in the darkness.

Do you want to stress less, sleep better, and feel abundantly happier… without drugs or anything crazy?

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