8 Kinds of People You Should Never Put Your Trust In

Trust is something that some of us give far too freely. It is not something we should be letting just anyone have, because the world we live in is not as pure as we want it to be.

If you are anything like me, you tend to let people break you time and time again. You put your trust in them even when you shouldn’t. While sometimes we set ourselves up for pain, other times we think people are perfectly trustworthy only to find out otherwise. One of the things I have had to learn in life is how to spot people who might not deserve my trust.

Below I am going to go over some of those kinds of people and what might make them more noticeable. These are the people we should NEVER trust. They are people that right off the bat should stick out like a sore thumb.

8 Kinds of People You Should Never Put Your Trust In:

1. People who love to tell you other people’s secrets.

When someone is willing to tell you the things that they know about other people the more you should be able to tell about them. If they are willing to tell the secrets of others so openly, they will also do the same to you with other people. You cannot trust them with anything you do not want to be shared.

2. People who crave drama.

People who are constantly involving themselves in the problems of others are not people you want around. The more drama-oriented they are the less you should trust them. These are the people who literally throw themselves into the drama surrounding them and make sure their lives are full of conflict, they make something out of nothing all the time.

3. People who seem to use others.

If someone seems to be using the people around you then chances are they are going to do the same thing to you. You don’t want to let people take advantage of you while it might not seem like a breach of trust, deception is exactly that. If someone seems to be only interested in themselves and what they can gain it should be a red flag.

4. People who lack empathy.

If someone lacks empathy they will almost definitely be more than willing to use you. If they don’t understand your feelings they won’t understand the impact that they are having on you. This will only cause conflict and should be avoided.

5. People who play the victim.

People who play the victim always want to make things out to be different than they are. They see themselves as better than other people and they just want to make sure that they don’t ever have to take responsibility for their actions. It’s quite frustrating for everyone who isn’t the one playing the victim.

6. People who are overly indecisive.

People who are overly indecisive should not be trusted. They are too flighty, they will flake on you when you need them the most and it really causes a lot of problems. You just can’t count on them.

7. People who are always blaming other people for things.

When someone goes out of their way to blame others for things that have nothing to do with them they should not be trusted. These people only want to avoid owning up to their mistakes. They will do whatever it takes to make the attention turn away from them.

8. People who show narcissistic traits.

While some of the traits listed above are a bit narcissistic, what I am mostly referring to in this one is when someone acts as if they are above everyone else. If someone thinks they are better than you, they will walk all over you. They won’t care whether or not they are upsetting you or hurting you, they will do or say whatever they want regardless.

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